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Every month we will bring you a new awesome class plus tutorials and/or specialty classes. We will keep moving to the hottest songs and the coolest moves #SensazaoStyle!
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  • 2020 Sensazão Classes

    11 videos

  • Sensazao Tutorials

    78 videos

    Jazmin and Gabriela will break down their original Sensazao choreographies in these tutorials.
    Enjoy and make sure to practice, practice, practice!

  • 2018 Classes
    2 videos

    2018 Classes

    2 videos

  • 2019 Sensazão Classes

    11 videos

    Where you will find regular, advanced, and intro Sensazão classes of 2019.

  • Specialty Classes

    9 videos

    Our Sensazão specialty classes will include workouts such as twerking, salsa, and toning.
    Be ready to have fun while keeping your fitness goals in mind!

  • Intro to Sensazao Classes

    1 video

    These classes are perfect to get started with Sensazão!
    Or even if you have been with us for a long time, these will help you refresh your memory with choreographies you might not have done in a while.