March 2018 Sensazão Tutorials

March 2018 Sensazão Tutorials

Enjoy Sensazão's original routines from the March #SCW at a special price for all 3:
"Soca Kingdom" choreography by Gabriela
"Olha Ela" choreography by Jaz
"Cutuplá" choreography by Diego

PLEASE NOTE: If you are subscribed to VHX Sensazao Online, these tutorials are included in your subscription and you do not need to purchase them separately.

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March 2018 Sensazão Tutorials

3 Videos

  • “Cutuplá“ Sensazao Tutorial

    Learn Diego's new choreography from the March 2018 #SCW!
    00:27 Combination #1
    1:23 Combination #2
    3:27 Combination #3
    4:55 Combination #4
    6:15 Practice!

    If you have any questions for Diego about his Sensazao original routine you can contact him here:
    Snapchat: diefercho47
    Instagram: @D...

  • “Soca Kingdom” Sensazao Tutorial

    Here is Gabriela's new Sensazao choreo for March 2018 from the #SCW!
    00:42 Combination #1
    2:04 Combination #2
    3:40 Combination #3
    7:00 Combination #4
    10:36 Practice!

    If you have any questions for Gabriela you can contact her here:
    Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter: @GabrielaET77
    Email: ...

  • “Olha Ela” Sensazao Tutorial

    Here is Jazmin's new Sensazao original choreography from March 2018 choreo workshop!
    00:32 Intro Step
    1:42 Combination #1
    5:37 Combination #2
    8:46 Practice!

    If you have any questions for Jaz you can contact her here:
    Twitter Snapchat : @JazSZmaster
    Instagram: @JazDaniela13
    Email: jazmi...